Why B2B businesses are obliged to have SEO?

A recent study showed that 60% of users research products and services before committing to the decision of buying, that is concerned with B2C landscape. On the other hand, from our experience in the Middle East region, we are confident to say that in the B2B landscape, if you do not have a strong social proof and presence through SEO and other methods; you are out of business.

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses that specifically provide services to other businesses are obliged to release their insights, frameworks, value-adding services to the public through to demonstrate their methods of operation, what could be in it for their clients, and ultimately attract clients. We are in an age where clients are more demanding than ever, as the quality bar of services keep growing; the clients’ expectations keep growing as well.

Taking an Example

Examining McKinsey for instance, the leading consulting firm continuously provides insights, statistics, researches, and demonstrate critical solutions to the pain points and problems being faced by their target audience. That of course, is published on social media in the form of what we call content marketing, and on their website insights in the form of what we call articles and blogs. Which basically is considered under the pillar of content SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The process of posting these articles and blogs will – if done correctly – include keyword strategies and research, internal link building, development of meta tags and descriptions and other activities that are able to enhance and maintain a higher ranking on various search engines.

Search engine optimization has become an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes in the B2B ecosystem helping them achieve online presence, build credibility, increase competitive advantage, and enhance organic traffic.

How can Convert boost your SEO?

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