AI-Generated Content Label and Trial Reels on Instagram

Instagram and Facebook (Meta) have been seeing a lot of recent changes to accommodate with the needs that are emerging as a result of AI (Artificial Intelligence) use, it is clear that these changes work in favor of users. We will briefly explain two new features: the AI-Generated Content Label and Trial Reel option on Instagram.

What is the AI-Generated Content Label?

For transparency purposes, Meta is keen to label any photorealistic video or realistic-sounding audio that has been digitally generated or altered as AI-Generated.

This is done to ensure that any content that is not real or meant to be manipulative is labeled and the user consuming this content is aware of the possibility.

Is Meta able to detect AI-generated content?

It is good to note that Meta will automatically label content generated directly by Meta’s AI tools, and meta already has systems in place to flag content that is made by AI through “AI signals” as they mentioned in their article.

Are there any consequences if I do not label my AI-generated content?

Meta and Instagram have also mentioned that not all content made by AI needs to be labeled, such as landscape or videos that do not include humans, audio, songs or voiceover. They have also mentioned that in case the content isn’t labeled as required, there might be penalties or violations.

What is the Trial Reels feature on Instagram?

Instagram has just introduced this new feature recently, and you can label your Instagram reels as Trial Reels now whenever you want to post your reels.

Instagram Trials allows creators and businesses to experiment with new ideas on reels by sharing them with non-followers for feedback. Creators can then choose to share the reel with their followers at any time.

Where does my reel appear? who is able to see it?

Only you as a creator will be able to see that your reel is a trial, and it will not appear in your followers feed and it will only show in the reels grid.

That being said, this trial reel might still appear for some of your followers if it is directly shared with them, through the reels tab, or on the audio/location/filter page.

Is this feature customizable per profile?

Instagram allows you to choose if you want to share trial reels that get a lot of plays within the first 48 hours automatically with everyone.

Should I use the Instagram Trial feature?

In fact, this feature could be an interesting one for you as a creator or business to test out content that is new or different if you’re looking to change your content style, or if your content is somewhat risky and you do not want to be on thin ice.

The question we’re asking ourselves is: will my trial reel reach more non-followers than normal reels? Or will my reel reach fewer people because my followers couldn’t pump it early on? It is definitely still too early to judge; as time passes, we’ll be able to know more about this feature.

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