Achieving 10X ROI is the norm – Client Case Study

Our client Swim Jordan is a prominent Swimming Academy operating in Amman, Jordan. The competitive landscape of swimming academies and coaches is very competitive and challenging; we took an approach to penetrate the market gradually, and focus on our unique selling points to become achieving 10X ROI in the peak season of every year.

We have been working with the client for more than three years and six months, we have built a strategic partnership as we do with all of our clients. We have built a success story turning one single coach into an academy that operates with more than 10 coaches in the peak season.

Since the beginnings, we aimed to be the leading academy, focusing on ranking first on the platforms we were operating in. Year after year, we are achieving better advertising results continuously. We have entered the zone which we achieve positive high ROI continuously.

Key Success Factors:

  1. Continuous advertising on various platforms, smart testing and budget allocation
  2. High value content development, creation and monitoring
  3. Collaboration of client in marketing strategies and direction

Results & Achievements:

  1. Consistent and exponential growth in sales revenue year by year
  2. Achieving positive high return on investment (more than 10X ROI in the peak season)
  3. Increase in brand awareness and positive reputation that led to a lot of organic revenue
  4. Positive customer feedback that led to a lot of word of mouth revenue

We have worked on three main pillars with the client, starting from content development and social media management, to online advertising on social media platforms and Google search engine, to marketing strategies development.

We also had the chance to continuously monitor customer feedback, complaints and customer experience. Additionally, we have developed an appealing website that is SEO optimized.

If you seek a results-driven agency that can elevate your business to new heights, Swim Jordan’s story serves as an inspiring example. Contact us now to discover how our expertise can transform your business into a digital marketing triumph: