Finding the Right Mix: Social Traffic vs. Organic Traffic

In today’s digital age, the battle between Social Media and Organic Search for supremacy in website traffic is a topic that frequently arises. The situation is more about “both-and” rather than “either-or” when it comes to these two elements of online marketing.

Understanding the Synergy:

Most experts understand that it’s not a showdown between social media marketing and SEO; rather, these two forces work in synergy. Your content serves as the bridge connecting these realms, fueling both your social media presence and your organic search ranking. Meaning, your content not only keeps your social audience engaged but also directs traffic to valuable pages within the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), earning you high-quality links and strengthening your online brand presence.

The Big Question: Conversion and Long-term Value:

So, if they complement each other, which traffic source should you focus on?

Organic Search Traffic tends to perform well in conversions, capturing users who are well informed in the product or service or near the end of their decision journey, actively researching and ready to make a choice. On the other hand, Social Media allows businesses to connect with potential customers or some might call it interrupt the possible customer, even before they recognize their need for a product or service. Most importantly build a relationship with the customer.

Why Organic Traffic Matters:

Organic traffic is your digital sales representative, connecting your website with potential customers at various stages of their purchasing journey. Whether they’re in the early stages, seeking broader solutions to their problems, or nearing the end. A strong organic presence ensures that you’re available when your audience needs you. Through various content writing practices like blog posts, articles, interviews, service pages, and more, you create multiple entry points for your audience.

Now, consider a scenario where your website experiences an unexpected drop in organic traffic, perhaps due to a sudden algorithm change or unforeseen issues. This is where your social channels step up to the plate.

Why Social Traffic Matters:

Your social media channels are like the dynamic, ever-present ambassadors of your brand. They don’t just wait for potential customers to come knocking; they actively reach out, engaging with your audience on a personal level. Social media is where you build connections, relationships, and most improtantly trust.

Collaboration for Success:

Here’s the real magic, social and organic traffic aren’t just Plan A and Plan B; they’re interchangeable allies. In times of need, social traffic seamlessly takes the wheel, keeping your online presence strong and vibrant. And when organic traffic is flowing smoothly, it complements your social efforts, amplifying your brand’s reach.

In the end, the debate of social vs. organic traffic isn’t about choosing one over the other. It’s about recognizing their complementary roles. Social media marketing helps you build connections and relationships with your audience, while SEO strengthens your online brand presence and offers multiple opportunities to reach potential customers. To ensure your website’s best chance of success, embrace both organic and social traffic.

Remember, it is always smarter to exploit all the avenues to reach and connect with your audience, the better positioned your business will be for success.

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