Online Advertising Methodology

Online advertising is more important than ever nowadays, an array of powerful tools through different channels that your business can utilize to acquire and retain customers. We will shed some light on our methodology in online advertising.

Initial Stage of Online Advertising

After proper analysis for the business model, context, industry, competitors, and target audience identification, we begin building our strategy of online advertising. Basically, we determine the channels suitable, the journey and funnel that we want to use, the language and tone of voice (based on the brand), identify the audience that we want to target and prioritize, put into that our understanding of the industry and business context, and take into consideration the competitor analysis done.

Our past experience plays a major role in forming the strategy since we possess the knowledge and experience of how similar or semi-similar businesses can benefit from online advertising. Furthermore, we establish clear and smart goals, along with implementing key performance indicators in conjunction with the strategy.

1. Content Creation

Content creation is the first thing to do in the cycle after our initial analysis and strategy formulation. We carefully brainstorm and plan the content to be developed taking into consideration the journey and funnel that we want the customer to go through.

At Convert, we are very eager to construct content that is visually appealing, appropriate for the target audience, reflective of the brand image to be perceived, and of very high quality.

Using different strategies that we have internally to optimize the content to be advertised, we can achieve the following:

  1. Increase watch-time
  2. Keep the engagement
  3. Persuade the customer to take the call-to-action
  4. Improve results based on the journey
  5. Enhance brand lift and recall

2. Development of Campaigns

Utilizing the channels that we see more fit, we start developing and building the online campaigns to kick off our testing journey. We build these campaigns in line with the customer journey and funnel, according to the best practices, and are constructed in means that support the testing stage.

3. Continuous Monitoring and Analysis

Once the campaigns are launched, we start continuously monitoring and analyzing the effect of the campaigns on certain metrics that we have set. Metrics such as CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions), CPR (cost per result), CPL (cost per lead), ROI (return on investment), and ROAS (return on advertising spend) are continuously monitored and analyzed. Moreover, with each cycle of analysis is done, we come up with recommendations to be applied, these recommendations are prioritized and worked on immediately.

4. Continuous Improvement & Optimization

As these recommendations are worked on, we monitor their effect and impact on the campaign results and form clear findings out of the testing done throughout the first period. Going forward, we keep in mind what has been working and what has been not. In conclusion, the longest of time we are working with a client, the more we can optimize and bring better results.

In case you’re interested in working with a professional agency in online advertising, contact us through: info@convertjo.com